summer approaches

just some recent sights & treats that are so far epitomizing my upcoming summer dining in Portland, despite my rainboot wearing yesterday:

What means summer in this city.
Chocolate chip cookies with fresh mint, for a friends' sunny BBQ. Equally as exciting as fresh mojitos?
Sunnyside, SE. The annual brightening (painting) of the mural has a soft spot in my heart, as I spent my first few years in Portland residing around the corner.

Pretend there are five farmers markets pictured right here, okay?

Technically, it sprinkled outside when I was eating this soft serve from Back to Eden Bakery. Therefore, that slightly makes up for my surprising lack of sprinkles. What was I thinking!? I hadn't tried the soft serve since this adorable place opened (which recently & magically just expanded its seating), and it was very creamy and far less super sweet than I remembered. Woo, Chicago Soy Dairy!
Please excuse that I'm about to say this, but pizza is always in season: Sizzle Pie rabbit salad & No Conditions vegan slice, $6. Old German tallboy $2.50. Cue lower East Burnside people watching. This is the one place I will eat (sparing amounts of) the D-cheese.
One of the best parts of near summer so far: Panda Ballz aka the cutest panda candy I have ever seen, a prize courtesy of Ballin' and Baggin'


  1. Those cookies do sound great! I must say though, anything would sound great once I saw the picture and was like “That can NOT be seaweed. PLEASE do not be seaweed.”

    1. hi matt!

      it’s the chocolate chip cookie recipe from Vegan Cookies Take Over the World. I subbed a little creme de menthe for the milk and added a handful of chopped fresh mint. enjoy!


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