Recreation: The Farm’s Herb-Crusted Tofu Marsala

Breaded and herbed tofu cutlets with steamed pea shoots, mashed potatoes and chanterelle mushroom marsala sauce.

Ah, The Farm Cafe’s Herb-Crusted Tofu Marsala. It’s been a while, but I swear, I’ve been on more than one awkward date where this dish owns my attention over the person sitting across the table. It’s Italian fine dining meets Northwest greatness meets home cooking meets a plate high in the running for my last meal request.

The dish is constructed as a multi-layered tower of wonder that’s been impressing vegfolks and omnis alike for years.  On The Farm’s menu (which I understand has been sporadically featuring vegan specials the past couple of years), it’s described as, “Breaded and herbed tofu cutlets with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and crimini mushroom Marsala“. Yes, indeed.

Witness: Mashed Potatoes

This recreation features local chanterelle mushrooms, the addition of smoked salt in the breading, the absence of roasted garlic in the potatoes, yet the incorporation of minced garlic scapes in the sauce, and a generous side of some green with steamed snow peas & shoots. All of the produce used was acquired locally from farmers markets, and the herbs were from a gift from a friend’s garden (Thanks, Liz!).

You can find the original recipe here on Everyday Dish with the lovely Julie  Hasson.

Why I don’t make this more often is beyond me, but I’ll say this much, it’s time to restock on Marsala. Who’s coming over for dinner next week?


  1. Looks super great! I never thought to cook pea shoots…for some reason whatever I find at a farmer’s market always seems like it should just be eaten raw, haha.
    I like the new look of the site, too.

  2. I would come over for dinner, but my mom’s in town for a bit!

    I do not like the new layout…as in, I’m anti-havingtoclicktoseeafullpost. Is it just me?

    You’re still great though! :o)

    1. Karlsbad, I concur on the post size. I’m trying to fix thing, no luck yet…..

      p.s. come over for dinner the week after! just remind me, and place an order : )

  3. I just made this dish for company last week.! They went bonkers over it. I only made the herb crusted tofu part and served it over some lovely cauliflower in cashew, sesame, coconut sauce. Teamed it with kale Caesar salad, garlicky stir fried green beans, roasted red and golden beets and steamed beet greens. A true feast.

    The video with Julie is great! Perfect instructions. I’ve made this dish several times and wonder the same thing,” Why don’t I make this more often?”

    I love your blog (just stumbled upon it) and it’s title. That’s what caught my eye, because “Everybody must get sconed” was the tag line of my business when I lived in California!

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