Vida is here.

In this utterly selfish blog update, I would like to share 10 things I’m super duper excited about with the official start of Vida Vegan Con – WHICH IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. This list was inspired by my dear friends at Vegans on the Move, and is in no particular order, below the SWAG packing action…

  1. The look of joy (and the falling of social anxiety) on the vegans’ faces who don’t normally hang out with other vegans – especially at karaoke.
  2. Nooch.
  3. Pandacookies.
  4. Tattoos: Flashback to last week and last minute beet tattoos!
  5. The Opinionated Bloggers class: why blog if you aren’t saying something?
  6. The Canadians.
  7. The internet coming alive!
  8. Moderating the Marketing Panel in the morning…I have a degree in it, or something.
  9. White Russians slumber parties!
  10. Dressing up, taking a moment, enjoying some music, comedy and a freaking Dry Soda & VeeV cocktail at the freaking Galarama.

Live-streaming, yo. It just may work!

Panda feeds me. Photo by Panda.


  1. If I clicked the heels of my ruby vegan shoes and climbed into a a big balloon whilst squeezing my eyes shut and saying the mantra …’there’s no place like veda vegan con…there’s no place etc’…would I get there?! Crap, guess not but I CAN live vicariously through you and get started on reaching my goal for being part of it next year. Hey, I’m stoked it’s even happening. Oh to be swimming in the world of vegan though….ENJOY! I’m hanging on your every word!

  2. Can I just say I am super proud of all you guys over there. Everything on twitter sounds amazing, fun, and empowering. Also kudos on the coverage, really. I’m sort of jealous to not be there in what sounds like such a cool environment, but not really because good for all of you – and I can watch for tweets and livestream if I wanted.

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