Double Feature: Nero and Susu from Felinus 6

Since I’m busy elsewhere during MoFo month, I asked some special friends to help out over here. Today’s guest post comes from not one, but two kitty cats, who are visiting Earth on assignment. I don’t want to give anything away, so please, read on. The future of the galaxy is in their paws.

Guest Post: Nero and Susu

Friends: Eve and Paula

My name is Argelian.  Humans call me Nero, and those closest to me also refer to me as Winky or Winkus, but I try to ignore that.  Life in San Diego is pretty good.  Both the tall and the short human that I live with are very nice despite raising their voices by at least an octave when they talk to me. Don’t they know how grating that can be to a cat’s ears? Nonetheless, they feed me when I ask and let me sit on their laps or on their papers or keyboards. Where ever it’s warm.

Recently, I called up to my home planet, Felinus 6, because I felt like I needed a little more help in gathering all the data I need from the humans in this house.  They were kind enough to send down a young recruit named Susu. The humans must be more intuitive than I thought because they named her Susu Watari. Susu has been very helpful in gathering data for me and she’s also very warm so we nap together, which the humans seem to love and take pictures of constantly.

One of our favorite things about Earth is the food, and we especially like to eat the same food that the humans eat.  Sometimes, though, the food they are eating will smell really good and I will sniff it and ask for some, but when they give it to me, I lose my appetite and have to just walk away.  Something I can never resist though, is a substance called Tofurkey.  It’s salty and smokey and just SO GOOD!  I will literally claw up someone’s leg to get it.  They even make a peppered variety, which I love.  I wish I could have it more often!

Susu, being a younger and more adventurous cat than I, will try ANYTHING!  She even loves peanut shells, but I’m not sure that she realizes they are not food.  She has also eaten figs and something called keenwa? I can’t be sure of the spelling, but it does not look very good to me.

We are slowly but surely collecting all our research, but sometimes it’s hard to get in a lot of work between naps, outdoor excursions and couch scratching. (Isn’t it nice of them to buy these huge couches just for us to sharpen our claws on?).  I should get some more work done today, but I think I’ll take a short rest in an open pizza box on the counter.  It smells great in there and it’s very cozy!


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