Departing for Thailand, Laos & Cambodia…

Heat tolerance, you ain't seen nothing yet.

In a matter of mere hours, I’ll be en route to Bangkok via LAX (insert Ana Lucia reference here) and Tokyo, for my first multi-week vacation in years, across Southeast Asia. Magically, my vacation is only partially scheduled, as the core intention is to attend a college friend’s wedding, after which I’m heading to northern Thailand  with another college friend to spend time with her family, followed by a few days of relaxation in Laos, a flight to Siem Reap, on-wards in Cambodia and back to Bangkok.

As I type this, I’m contemplating what t-shirts and sundress (and nutrition bars, Dr. Bronners and emergency bag of nooch) I want to spend the next month with, and hoping my back survives while my mind and tastebuds are blown.

If you have any recommendations, please, do share. You can also email me at GetSconed AT

I’m sure I’ll return with photos galore in 2012, but for now, if you wish to peer into my adventure, here’s my silly travel blog (which led me to realize how many times I’ve abandoned a baby tumblr in the past – we’ve all been there), inspired by an inside joke with my brother and my friend, Bahar.  Time will tell if I keep it up…


  1. Some useful phrases we learned while filming in Thailand:

    “di chan keen jay” = I eat vegan (female form)
    “mai sai nom pla” = Don’t put fish sauce (in my food)
    “mai sai ga bay” = Don’t put shrimp paste
    “mai sai nam mon hoy” = Don’t put oyster sauce

    If you say most or all of these, they will get it! 🙂

    Have a blast.

    -joe and sadie (The Intrepid Herbivores)
    shameless plug:

  2. Wow! Have an amazing time. I’m going to Japan, China, South Korea, vietnam, and Thailand next March as part of my MBA program. I can’t wait. I would love a full report of your culinary experience, as I have been seriously considering taking a vegan hiatus just because I don’t want to miss anything food-wise. Safe travels!

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