Canada ate my camera

Soy Latte, Kaladi Brothers, Capitol Hill

Turning 30 has been ridiculously wonderful with a little more ridiculous thrown in. J. Legume and I spent some truly lovely time in Seattle, eating Thai cuisine for every single, glorious meal, and then I headed off to Victoria, B.C. where I caught up with my BFF Gabrielle, sipped sparkling cider, and fulfilled my dream of being out of the country for my milestone aging. I wish I could share some legitimate photos, but I’ll simply have to namedrop that indulgently necessary evil some more, to the point of near tears (which is probably my back pain talking…probably). Oy. My camera apparently suffered from sea sickness on the ferry ride from Vancouver, and is now on its way to hopeful recovery at a repair center. Bonus points of ridic, for yeah, throwing my back out the morning after my  sudden return to Portland over some severe bank fraud paranoia. Everything is now OK, so let’s credit my sanity to….cats.

As my back heals and I can do more than turn the shiny rice cooker on, 100 Days Homemade shall officially return, Vida Vegan will work its tech groove, and Vegan MoFo brainstorming gets real. As of this morning, I’m leaning towards an inspiring Panda-style process of day-of-the-week theming if I can legally proceed with such. I’m working on the catchy titles first. If it flies, expect Heartichoke cocktails, flashbacks of travel dishes, Portlanding – and more. 

Trip snippets….

My girlfriend and I went to Araya’s (which I highlighted back in 2010 for SV) for a birthday buffet lunch. I have never seen so many hot dishes before! Fate.

I picked up two treats from Seattle’s vegan store, Sidecar. Firstly, and always, I buy catnip treats, because my cats go BONKERS, and secondly, a bag of new vegan coconut caramels from Coeur D’ Alene. Good, sticky stuff.

Our epic afternoon tasting at Sea Cider. I can’t recommend this experience and cider enough. 

My first step into Artisan Vegan Cheese: Rejuvelac


  1. we had some of that sparkling apple juice from Sea Cider – wasn’t it super great?? I’m sorry we missed each other – but glad you had a great birthday trip. Happy birthday! Turning thirty kicked some serious ass and got my life going in a great direction. I hope it’s good for you too.

  2. That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate your 30th, hopefully I’ll be fitting in some cider tasting fun with Gabrielle next year after VVC! I can’t wait for my 30th next year & I’m also planning on spending it out of the country.

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