Keep It Going: 100 Days Homemade Part VII, Days 66-79

Today’s update into the 100 Days Homemade project includes plunging into the Vegan Sandwiches cookbook, a presentation at a senior center on incorporating vegan proteins with NW-style and flavor, cooking with my BFF in Victoria, stepping into the Artisan Vegan Cheese experience, a surprise from J. Legume and the new, surprisingly vegan cinnamon rolls from Trader Joe’s. Hey, they’re not homemade, but this was a shocking, accidentally vegan (well, they’re not labeled) development that sat in my fridge for a few weeks in hesitation, and ultimately, made for one fabulous breakfast in bed. 

Bare with me, my camera has been repaired, but is in transit. I’m sad to say that as usual, half of these are from my legit camera, and some are from my phone.

Day Sixty-Six: NW Berry Salad

The ladies of Vida Vegan HQ presented our Classy Tofu Mac & Cheese and the above NW Berry Salad with Maple-Agave Glazed Tempeh to a curious crowd of seniors for a special presentation. It was such a blast!

Day Sixty-Six: Classy Tofu Mac & Cheese with Crispy Shallots and Fresh Herbs
Day Sixty-Seven: Eastbank Market haul. Not pictured: yellow watermelon & vodka cocktail

I think Day #67 marks the first occasion of not photographing the homemade creation of the day, a rum-based cocktail with basil and smashed yellow watermelon.

So, let’s have a stand in…

Wind down.

The following dinner was a total surprise and so comfort foody it made me wish it was January.

Day Sixty-Eight: Lentil Shepard’s Pie by J. Legume
Day Sixty-Nine: Hot Brown Sandwiches with smokey tofu cubes & broccolini, Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day
Day Seventy: Totally not homemade, but a welcome treat – the aforementioned, utterly ridiculous Trader Joe’s canned cinnamon rolls with our lazy-morning reads
Day Seventy: DIY vanilla extract, bourbon style

One can only putting making their own extracts for so long. After sampling this – and being aware of the price – it is unforgivable that it took so long to undertake.

Day Seventy’s Sandwich Continuation: The Almighty BLT, Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day

This sandwich was a far bigger hit on our table vs. the Hot Brown. I won’t repeat what J. Legume had to say about the first one, but it’s a handful. That being said, I like this book.

Day Seventy-One: Peanut Butter & Bourbon Chocolate Chip Bars

Because really, the flavor of bourbon is just great.

Day Seventy-One: More classic popcorn with smoked paprika, garlic powder, coconut spray oil, cayenne, sea salt & cumin
Day Seventy-Two: Pasta E Fagioli, Veganomicon
Day Seventy-Two: Dagwoods from Vegan Sandwiches with Prospect Park potato salad from Veganomicon

Now this sandwich, with homemade mushroom tomato seitan, gobbler slices and tempeh bacon, WAS THE BIGGEST HIT SO FAR. It was monstrously enjoyable and really makes you think – should anyone eat sandwiches (alright, of the non-cucumber-tea-party variety) in public?

Day Seventy-Three: baked tempeh bacon, lemon cucumber, noochy Israeli cous cous & roasted summer goodies with fresh basil
Day Seventy-Three Risotto with hot peppers, corn & carrots; roasted red beets
Day Seventy-Four: TLTs with home-pickled jalpeños and sparkling blueberry soda
Day Seventy-Four: roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil, thyme & olive oil for the freezer- summer storage! Photo from my Instagram account.

This hereby marks the sick leave of my new camera and my vacation after some functioning in Seattle. Great timing. Deep breaths. I’ll fast forward to the following creation my BFF Gabrielle and I spent a fun evening creating at her kitchen in Victoria – and then fast forward on, from there.

Day Seventy-Five: Bánh mì with slow-cooked seitan cutlets, World Vegan Feast

I know we both wish we picked up this cookbook a bit more! ❤

Day Seventy-Six: The arrival of another cookbook adventure

I’ll be sure to share my thoughts on my experiences with this book in the future, which include frustrated sprouting attempts, successes, soy yogurt straining and parmesan air-drying, so far.

Day Seventy-Seven: IPA & chili simmered black beans, steamed kale, quinoa and vegan queso

Whenever I travel, nooch sauce seems to be my number one priority when I return home.

Day Seventy-Eight: Best-Ever Baked Mac  & Cheese, Chloe’s Kitchen

I’m quite particular about my vegan mac – I know just how tangy and noochy I like it – who doesn’t – and this one was a straight-up, tasty mac with a buttery flavor. I added a pinch of cayenne and hot paprika into the mix. 

Day Seventy-Nine: Taco night! Fresh flavor tortilla, agave & nooch baked tofu triangles, simmered black beans, mashed avocado, green leaf lettuce, diced yellow tomato, queso & pickled jalapeño

The following slice was born out of a daydream…

Day Seventy-Nine: chocolate chip cookie pretzel bars

When we meet again, I should have a new camera in hand, I’ll be finalizing my plan for VeganMoFo (I have a freaking spreadsheet this year!), and sharing the final two rounds of the 100 Days Homemade Project – just in time before our upcoming trip to Chicago for our VVC Summer 2014 scouting!

If you want to catch up, here they are:

Part I~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV ~ Part V ~ Part VI

As always, you can watch the creations unveiled day by day with @jdfunks on the ‘gram.


  1. Once again, I’m blown away by the food and photographs you show. There are so many things there I’ve never done like pickled peppers, and pretzel bars. I have a copy of World Vegan Feast too and it is very promising with original dishes… I think I haven’t had a failure yet. I just wish the book was more pleasing visually.

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