The Long Haul: 100 Days Homemade, Part VIII…Days 80-91

Ice cream scoops of vegan mac? Don’t mind if I do.

Ah, 100 Days. I miss you already, on this little Chicago VeganMania suspension & adventure. I miss my kitchen so much when I travel – especially when my luck seems to fail with menu ordering more often than not in the Windy City..but I digress, I mean, did I go through cooking withdrawals and try to sneak my way into the cooking demo prep kitchen at the end of the day to prepare dinner for team VVC? Only Janessa knows for sure. 

I’m here now to quickly share 11 more days of this dedicated project, with 9 more days beyond. I’d love to go out with a bang, and somehow incorporate that into tomorrow’s month-long start of VeganMoFo…, time (and google doc obsessing) will tell what’s in store.

Let me ridiculously share that this post features the return of my cursed, new camera, which started malfunctioning again in Chicago. Alas. It hates to travel.

Day Eighty: Citrus Tahini Bowls with Grilled Tofu, Isa Does It tester

Day Eighty-One: Roasted potatoes with smoked salt & smoked paprika

Eighty-Two: Pickled black jalapeños


Day Eighty-Three: A beautiful monster of a birthday cake – chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookie buttercream and chocolate ganache. Photo by the birthday girl, J. Legume

Day Eighty-Four: No Cluck Cutlets from Vegan Sandwiches Save the Day

Day Eighty-Four, Dinner: Red Curry with bamboo shoots, fresh tofu, seitan, long beans, white eggplant & Yukon gold potato – adapted from May Kaidee’s Thai Vegetarian and Vegan Cookbook

Every meal is better was a side of steamed choi.

Day Eighty-Five: Fresh Chickpea Curry Chana Masala with brown rice, sliced orange tomato and nooch & tahini baked tofu

These local, green chickpeas will likely become a once-a-summer-intrigue purchase. I can’t say they made a considerable difference, but I don’t think I can resister farmer’s market chickpeas.

Day Eighty-Six: Buckwheat Blueberry Pancakes with Maple-Carmelized Prune Plums

Dear SE Portland neighbors who seem to ignore their plum trees on an annual basis,

Please, please, let me appreciate your proceeds. Invite me over. There will be a fresh fruit coffeecake in your immediate future. It’s a promise.



Day Eighty-Seven: Cinnamon Tincture

Infusions are a thing of the past.

Day Eighty-Seven: Vietnamese Summer Rolls with opal basil, strips of smoked tofu & seitan, lettuce, cucumber and a side of peanut sauce. Modified from World Vegan Feast.

Day Eighty-Eight: F*ck yeah, it’s fall – the cocktail

The above concoction originated during a recent cocktail party and will be featured during MoFo on Heartichoke Fridays. Or Saturdays. Or Sundays. TBA.

Day Eighty-Nine: Pasta E Fagioli & more Vietnamese summer rolls, from my lunch date with the mysterious Pandacookie herself

That pasta dish seems to tie with pickled hot peppers for 100 Days popularity in my kitchen.

Now, day ninety included a warming lemongrass-and-garlic based hot & sour soup with soft tofu strips, all so, so on the fly, that I somehow didn’t manage to capture. Once again, alas.

Day Ninety: Spaghetti with homemade marinara, Pinot Grigio & mustard baked tofu, fresh parsley and grated air-dried parmesan from the Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook

Speaking of air-drying and related lessons in patience….

Recent adventures in Artisan Vegan Cheesemaking: sharp cheddar, air-dried cheddar, air-dried gouda, air-dried parmesan, sunflower (originally cashew) cheese, provolone, etc. in various stages of setting and culturing.

And another one with a legitimate recipe to follow during MoFo, oh my:

Day Ninety-One: Pad Kee Mao with lemongrass, galangal, chicken seitan & more

As always, check out the @jdfunks Instagrammer for more updates.

The rules & reasoning of my 100 Days Homemade can be found here & posts are here. Next up, MOFO-time. 


  1. I thought that was a hot dog in with yr black jalapenos and then I realized you are you and I was all “thank God Jess is Jess.” musta been all that “carrot hot dog” googling I was doing this morning. *Shudder*

  2. Jess, where did you find the agar powder for the cheeses? I want to try some but I haven’t found any of that essential ingredient (PDX reader)

    1. Hiya! Check out the far end, top shelf of one of the middle aisles at Fubonn Supermarket on 82nd. They sell 2 different varieties – Telephone brand and something else, for about $1.19 each. You can find flakes at health stores, but this is really the cheapest and the easiest to work with, for me. Good luck!

  3. i found two plum trees in my hood (in st johns) overhanging the sidewalk and have been gleaning what falls… so many inedible crab apple and tasteless pear trees around 😦 my plum tree no longer produced fruit at all… so that’s a bummer.

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