Plans for VeganMoFo VI

Well, well, well, Vegan MoFo VI has arrived for the month of October, 31 days of (near) daily food writing & updates, and I’m seemingly more prepared than ever. And being less-than-employed, I have legitimate time on my hands for projects! This year, I’ll be once again rounding up on VeganMoFo central and posting over at Vida Vegan HQ with Janessa & Michele. I found last year’s Animal Friends Month project simply delightful – but I must admit, I missed habitual blogging (and if you know me, you know that’s not my favorite word to actually mutter, shhh). 

This year, I’ll be jumping on the kombucha wagon of days-of-the-week themes. It’s so, so subject to change, but the initial plan is:

Mondays are for Reminiscing: where I’ll finally dive into my SE Asian travel experiences, photos and culinary adventures from this past winter, and other recent tales from the road.

Thai Tuesdays: with the aim of not just recreating regional Thai-style dishes, but to capture the recipes and take notes on the veganization of the cuisine I obsess and daydream the most about.

Wednesdays will feature Portlanding: my odes to those restaurants, coffeeshops, food carts and other notable locales & experiences I want to share – even a few of those I’d prefer to selfishly keep in my ‘hidden gem’ territory.

Thursday night is set to be date night, which of course, is Dinner with Jules. This will include dinners by my girlfriend, whose repertoire is expanding into Italian territory, and meals and special projects we just may create together.

And for the weekend, my fifth theme (which gives a little wiggle room for a bonus or catch up post) will be Heartichoke-inspired. Heartichoke is a private vegan supper club concept that my friend Maeve and I experiment with, and we’ve got some custom cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and other treats in the works.

So….see you tomorrow!


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