Dinner with Jules: Ho’pep’za

The other night, Julia and I ordered a take out pizza from very vegan-friendly Dimo’s in Chicago, and while I enjoyed some cold for a satisfying, late night dinner later on, she never got to partake. We combined this lapse with our vegan-cheese-stocked fridge inventory upon returning to Portland, and easily decided on pizza for our first Dinner with Jules series. This….rustic pizza is modeled after that fateful Dimo’s pie, with even more our own toppings, aka compromises on toppings. Because that’s what sharing a pizza is all about, agreeing to skip on what other people think are your most repulsive topping choices, and deciding that you’re both pretty good with the rest.

Herbed marinara, Italian seitan crumbles, mozzarella Teese, pickled hot peppers, black olives, diced green pepper & roasted garlic

Most importantly, and true to the inspiration, Jules convinced me to pick up some Upton’s Italian seitan crumbles (as if it was hard to do), and her custom mosaic of toppings: those herbed bites, paired with creamy mozzarella Teese (I’ve been a longtime fan, but I swear, it’s gotten better) and our own pickled purple hot peppers – – the HO’PEPS – really make the pie.

Yeah, ho’peps. Spread the word.

Turn that oven to the max!

You don’t think that title makes it sound like you’re calling me a ho, do you?

– J. Legume

The Dimo Florentine, Vegan Style


  1. It’s ALMOST pizza weather again, YES! I’ve been craving a pepperoni (homemade seitan version) with sauteed eggplant pizza. I made it last year and I can’t get it out of my head! And I, too, want to know: what toppings didn’t make the cut?

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