Monday is for Reminiscing: Celebrating in Seattle

Hotel room party.

While my original intention for Monday’s theme was to share stories and photos from travels a bit further from Seattle, walking into a third decade during a short mid-week getaway with J. Legume included so many memorable dining experiences that I thought I’d start there. I certainly didn’t have a 30 before 30 check list after a rollercoasting year of life changes and adventures, but my one goal for my dang ‘big day’ was to leave the country for the occasion, and since I’m slowly saving for voyages this winter to be determined, I combined this getaway with a trip extending into British Columbia. It may not have been Santiago, but that’ll happen.

Step #1: Bolt Bus. Highly recommended. I even scored a $1 fare on my ride up to B.C., holla

Caffeination. Soy Latte, Kaladi Brothers

Our first step in Seattle was for lunch specials at Wedgwood Thai II in Capitol Hill, a quick walk from our hotel

Salad starters at Wedgwood II

Hey, it’s my birthday weekend – I’m going for the Pad Thai (and if it sucked, I will get something else – but it did not)

Jules surprised me with her Red Curry choice

Fast forward.. Our next meal, outside of lattes, was for an evening at my long-time favorite, Teapot Vegetarian House on the hill. However! I was devastated to see its surprise closure:

Instead, Jules and I walked down to In The Bowl, another vegetarian restaurant on my favorites list. I’ll say…we had a bit of a wait, it was noisy, and crowded, and our tables were practically in the kitchen – but we had a great time and a great meal. 

Spring rolls, In The Bowl

In The Bowl


The lovely lady and her giant tofu & vegetable soup

Eggplant Curry

Just under 24 hours later, it was time for my actual birthday lunch and even more curry – the vegan buffet at Araya’s in th U-District, of course:

I’ve been to Araya’s many times before and witnessed its glory, and knowing J Legume’s appreciation for crispy spring rolls, made it a stop on our trip. Inside the above room, on that fateful day, I witnessed more assortment than ever before – and it was grand.

It’s my birthday and I’ll Thai if I want to…


Thai if I want to…

Thai if I want to….

You would Thai too if you knew me – too!

Araya = Fresh Daily Organic Herbs

Now, I wish I was in town for this…

I’ve learned a lesson this past month, with the evident closure of my longed-to-visit Korean Tofu House and stopping by Amitabul in Chicago on the day it was closed: well, I have horrible luck with Korean vegan options.

Hopefully, I’m older and wiser now.

Jules captures my aging over an Americano with soymilk at Herkimer

Sidecar stop

We didn’t stop by, but I did peek into Wayward for a moment.

Further wandering into the U-District

Last but not least, based on a tip, I picked up a generous to-go box from the intriguing Chu Minh Veggie Deli in the International District before my next Boltbus north:

Close ups and thoughts on come on a Seatle round up on the VVC blog ! 

     In conclusion, Washington…a state where liquor is sold in grocery stores:

And most importantly, shortly afterwards, leaving the country & entering Vancouver were check-marked:

Before, you know, the first time my brand new camera decided to stop working on my way to Victoria:

To be continued.


  1. teapot closed down? waaaht?
    down the street is the sage cafe formerly known as hillside quickies. the food is better than plum & hillside me thinks.
    love reading about you and j’s adventure.
    miss you! aww.

  2. RIP Teapot *sniff*. I lived just around the corner from it for years and it was one of the last meals I had before moving to Portland. Glad you found In The Bowl. Yum.

  3. It looks like you most definetly had an awesome birthday! Thai food is delish, I am so jealous of all the great places that you were able to visit. Here in Ohio we dont have very many options when it comes to Thai food

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