Dinner with Jules: Stuffed Shells from Artisan Vegan Cheese

In the latest installment of Dinner with Jules, our weekly chef continues her Italian streak and conquers the elusive vegan stuffed shell, thanks to Artisan Vegan Cheese. Miyoko’s great demo at Chicago VeganMania was clearly inspiring both of us….

Between us, it was the best dinner with Jules yet.


Stuffed shells with tofu-sunflower seed ricotta (soaked sunflower seeds subbed for the almonds)

Bonus: coarse sea salt & herb-coated breadsticks

Dinner with Jules artwork by J. Legume (which yes, is Jules). I hear a theme song is in the works. Really, I hear it being sung right now, and it’s catchy. Next week, we take the show on the road to my sister’s in Brooklyn.


  1. Those shells look terrific. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten such big shells and I’m a sucker for pasta.
    I’ve probably written this to you before, but your kitchen, ingredients, meals, experiments, etc. are truly inspiring.

  2. Yay for anyone who can make hot air balloons rise out of stuffed shellls. Breadstick bonus, yeah! Also, Brooklyn, yeah! There are a lot of cool people here who could definitely write Jules a hip theme song.

  3. okay, the Dinner with Jules picture is AWESOME. The stuffed shells look amazing and the breadsticks are giving me convulsions. Basically, this whole post really rules. I wish i was there to eat all that goodness, and to see the balloons fly out of the pot. ps. I just finally ordered that book. I couldn’t resist any longer.

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