Portlanding: A.N.D. Cafe

Somehow, someway, I didn’t make it out to A.N.D. Cafe, one of Portland’s newer vegetarian spots, until last month. When it comes to brunch, which is currently the main focus at the all-vegetarian and just-as-vegan-friendly spot on East Burnside & 54th, I like to have my options within a 10-minute walking radius. It’s a laid back affair that I’m not very likely to cross town for; I can barely remember the last time I brunched at Blossoming Lotus. I welcomely get stuck in the SE Portland Juniors and Jam vortex, for better and worse, with some Portobello thrown in for good measure (I’m going to forget Hungry Tiger Too, really, my last meal there was dismal).

Anywhoo, I had been meaning to check out A.N.D. Cafe, the sit-down, weekend spot from Off The Griddle’s owners, Ashley and Dan, since its opening, but with short hours, only so many brunch outings in my busy life and that whole not-in-my-neighborhood thing, it was put on delay until a wild day J. Legume and I were running massive, rent-a-car worthy errands, and it was at the top of our destination brunch list.

Photos from the very cozy eatery and our lovely meal at the windowsill bar are below – and I’m happy to share that those hours, the location, and both businesses are seemingly expanding with the potential success of the A.N.D./Off the Griddle special merger Kickstarter campaign.

The solar-powered veggie burger cart is now closed while plans commence, while the cafe remains open.You can check out the menu online and keep your eyes peeled for the daily specials while you’re there, which my friends rave about. My new-found treenut allergies limited my selections, but I am so looking forward to ordering whatever the waffle special is next time I’m there.

Crispy Tempeh Bacon

Half-order biscuits & gravy – I only wish there was even more kale

Jules’ hearty brunch, the Bella Vita Italian sandwich

Like I said, it was a lovely time.

I hope there’s a congrats in store soon!

Next stop, the Lents Farmers Market

The day also included a new chair find from Deseret Industries.

Mr. Huxley

Portlanding! is a weekly feature during VeganMoFo, October 2012, on Get Sconed! These posts are not official reviews, they are simply experiences and locales I’m enthusiastically sharing and documenting.


  1. Sweet! I have been hearing so much about A.N.D, but like you I stick to the hood and frequent portobello and jam far too often for brunch! I will make it there one day, looks scrumptious!

  2. I thought their Kickstarter was unsuccessful?
    They were asking for more than $20,000 which is one of the biggest Kickstarters I’ve seen, so I’m not terribly surprised.
    I look forward to their new place, whenever that might be!

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