Thai Tuesday: Travel Journaling

For today’s Thai Tuesday, I’d simply like to share a handful of photos from various cities I visited on my Thai travels. Thailand is full of fresh produce, Buddhist traditions and powerful spices, and I rarely had difficulty finding vegan options. I currently remain on hiatus at my sister’s in Brooklyn, and our late night dinner plan is Pad Kee Mao with two different Chinatown gluten finds in a bit, so on-wards, photo essay, til we meet again.

Chiang Mai night market mushrooms


More market mushrooms, Udon Thani

Surreal run-in with a hard-working, heartbreaking elephant; Pai

Buddha Park

more Buddha Park, near the Laotian border

Spicy chai, Pai


Gigantic bags of chips, Pattaya convenience store

Private bamboo hut alongside the Mekong, Pai

Mountainside strawberries, Pai

Curry lunch date with Lisa & Jennifer at Blue Diamond, Chiang Mai

fascinating chips, Bangkok


New Year’s Eve (day), Bangkok


  1. Since it’s relatively hard to relay (and expect) veganism in many American Thai places, I’m finding it surprising and refreshing that you had a seemingly easier time in Thailand.

    1. It was such a fascinating surprise! With tourism being the #1 industry in Thailand and the influences of Buddhism and vegetarianism (not to mention Indian culture), it was possible to find options and exclusively-veg places in nearly every single large and medium sized city I visited, including restaurants, stands, mall food courts and market stalls. The only time I had an issue was in Udon Thani, and there were documented vegan-friendly locations – I simply was with my friend and her family and not seeking them out. I brought about 20 vegan bars and maybe ate 5 of them. I was semi-terrified going into this experience, and within a couple of days, my worries were gone.

  2. that snake sculpture is awesome!
    also, i wish we could see scale of those big bags of chips by you standing next to them. that would’ve been cute! :o)

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