Portlanding: The Return of the Divine Cafe

Back in the mid-2000s, I was a brand new Portlander, fresh into my early twenties, with my first black raincoat and a real job, working downtown, to boot. I was vegan, but still learning to cook, so rarely packing lunch, on the start of my obsessive vegan Portland exploration. I mean, this was before the start of ye olde Stumptown Vegans, for those familiar, way back. There were then three vegetarian/vegan food carts (oh, how times have changed) with vegan options to choose from that I seemed to frequent: Earthbound for their basil tofu sandwiches (RIP), multi-day lasting lunch plates from India Chaat House (which would now bring me to Bombay Chaat House), and BBQ tofu sandwiches and colorful stir fries with almonds from Divine Cafe, on SW Alder & 9th. To my understanding, Divine then moved in as the National College of Natural Medicine’s eatery for several years, to re-open this past fall as a cart, with much excitement for all those who remembered & those who simply dig carts & veggie options.

Enough with my back story, I do remain on semi-hiatus in New York –  today’s Portlanding spotlight plays catch up with a visit with Panda & Maeve to the newly reopened Divine in the Good Food Here (what.a.name.) cart pod on SE Belmont. The return of Divine, an all vegetarian cart that will gladly sub avocado for cheese for veganization, easily fills in the veggie cart (which is awesome to realize) niche of now-relocated, reigning Vegan Iron Chef champion, Kitchen Dances, after their own return & move to NE 81st & Oregon.

And now….cart dinner!

good. food. here. (ok, really)


Daily special: golden tofu fries with sweet BBQ sauce

Or maybe they were tofu tots? Regardless, this is the type of snack that makes me hope they get their liquor license…

BBQ tofu sandwich on Happy Camper’s gluten-free bread

Chocolate smoothie

Tempeh tacos

Good stuff. With friends living down the block, I look forward to trying even more.

Portlanding! is a weekly feature during VeganMoFo, October 2012, on Get Sconed! These posts are not official reviews, they are simply experiences and locales I’m enthusiastically sharing and documenting.


  1. We got our liquor license!!!!! Thank you for the great write up, it is for people like you that I left the very comfortable Ncnm and returned to the pod life…to be accessible!

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