Three Cities

Four days ago, I was enjoying the final, hectic day of a very busy, hurricane-extended hiatus in New York City. Three days ago, I made my way to Seattle for the Vida Vegan Tech Seminar. Tonight, I’m back in Portland, accompanied by my cats, both Legume sisters, MoFo back-log (let’s blame that hurricane, that Bushwick crazy fortunately kept power through), and a belly full of pasta e fagioli.

Here’s a little bit of how I spent the past few weeks, in more than three photos, of course.


A rare lunch at House of Vegetarian with my brother and sister

Pumpkin picking with my sister, Jen

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, Williamsburg

classic cocktails in SoHo

Oasis Falafel, Williamsburg

More Monkey, Bushwick

supplemental hurricane provisions


goods from Sahadi’s on Atlantic Avenue


red eye from JFK, priceless breakfast with Zelda, noon Boltbus north

Zelda beat J. Legume to the majority of her fresh New York bagel with Earth Balance. Smart kitty.


Taking chances: dinner at Highline


formerly holding a dark cherry cider


Mighty-O minis, bonus treats at the seminar

lunch anticipation

I guess that means now it’s time to return some emails and hit the last of the fall farmers markets….


  1. I love Vinnies! I have a friend who works at the williamsburg one who hooks me up with the best vegan slices! Also the falafel looks rilll good. My fav falafel spot in nyc is hummus place. mmmm. Hope you had fun!

  2. I’ve been loving all of the pictures from your trip. i’m glad you guys were safe from the hurricane, I love the idea of going pumpkin picking & that big box o’ mini doughnuts looks amazing.

  3. All of your photos are so colorful and vibrant, I almost feel like I’m traveling with you! Best one? For me its a toss up of the falafel (are those pickeled beets?!) and the donuts. Can you say holy yum?

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