Portlanding: Farmers Markets, Pizza & Sweet Lemon

Sitting at my colorful kitchen table and sorting through the past months on my flickr, it settles in that I’ve been both traveling a bunch and sticking to something of a budget while I’ve actually been home. I credit my lack of a day job (accompanied by a return of sanity) and the 100 Days Homemade project (which I completed and will wrap up eventually), of course. I still find myself dining out, but there’s less an array of new spots, and there are new bars, without decent vegan options. Shocking.

I remain preoccupied with an obsession to our own dinner table, and sticking to some regular haunts. This Portlanding update, a continuation of my delayed MoFo efforts, reflects that, with a focus on farmers markets over restaurants. Thanks, Portland.

Late summer market glory, Lents

from my final Lents visit

Vegan slice, Straight from New York…..I don’t think so, but it’s a West Coast attempt that brings more Soy Curls to SE Belmont.

Of course, soy latte indulgence

appetizers, Portobello

this one….should have gone to Native Foods !!

Hit or miss ordering, perhaps?

Let’s end on a warm, high note, Sweet Hereafter with a banhi mi…


Portlanding! was born a weekly feature during VeganMoFo, October 2012, on Get Sconed!, and has since grown. These posts are not official reviews, they are simply experiences and locales I’m enthusiastically sharing and documenting. 

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