So, this happened…the pumpkin tea spiced whiskey project

Shall we discuss this?
Shall we discuss this?

With the last few days of autumn ahead, it was about time I got down to sharing this seasonal specialty. It’s wonderful and warming and just like taking your first bite of spiced pumpkin bread after the first chilly day in October, especially when shaken with a bit of maple syrup over apple cider.

Plus, it’s so easy, it’s practically infused cheating.

The details on Pumpkin tea spiced whiskey follow…..

Pumpkin Tea Spiced Whiskey, the breakdown:

  • Just less than 1 bottle of whiskey (or ya’know, bourbon)
  • 6 pumpkin spice tea bags > I used Zhena’s Pumpkin Spice Gypsy Tea, picked up from New Seasons
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 1 vanilla bean, scored
  • optional: whole nutmeg, whole cardamon seeds

Pour everything into a large bottle or jar. You can easily use the actual whiskey bottle, just make sure someone drinks a bit first – or put aside to add into a sauce or marinade before you get started. Let sit one week, shaking occasionally. There is no real need to strain the final product. It will simply become even more flavorful as time goes on.

Incorporate into your favorite seasonal cocktails and hot toddies. For me, that begins with the F*ck yeah, it’s fall!

The basics.
The basics.

Tah dah.

Getting started.
Getting started.

Soon to come – creating some type of salted caramel apple pie cocktail. Right?!


  1. Otherside cafe use to have amazing spiked chai, mmmmmm boozy tea! They were delicious with brunch and always lead to drunken grocery shopping.

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