1. I’m excited to see that Chiang Mai is vegan-friendly, will have to try it, must confess I was underwhelmed by My Thia, maybe just a bad day for them or something.
    Don’t hold out on us too long with young coconut caramel details please!

    1. Hey Ali – You should totally give Chiang Mai a visit. I’d been hearing great things from omni-folks about its authenticity and then hey, I noticed a note about ‘vegan options’ on their online menu and decided to give it a shot. There’s really great, great flavor in the dishes I’ve tried so far. As for My Thai on Hawthorne, everything I’ve tried has been good, if not great, so far. I really dig that they have custom vegan, homemade curry pastes and such an awareness of allergens and dietary preferences. The highlights have definitely been the curries, the kabocha one, in particular.

      I will post the young coconut sauce one of these days, for sure.

      – jess

  2. Bazi is my most favorite place (and has been for awhile!) They have bottles from this tiny, tiny brewery in Bruges that Jeff and I, uh, frequented often (in 3 days?) and they hooked me. I’m glad someone else knows what that place is!

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