Further Northwest

A funny thing happened yesterday morning….J. Legume and I woke up before the crack of dawn, to watch said crack of dawn rise over Vancouver’s West End, and realized we were facing the wrong direction. Check, mark.

Stanley Park Beach in Vancouver
Stanley Park Beach in Vancouver

Here’s a quick check-in from our trip even further Northwest…..We’re now in Victoria for our dear friend’s wedding, spending time with Madame Puddington and friends, and before that, we spent evenings in Seattle and Vancouver for a mini getaway. As usual, we found ourselves seeking out vegan-friendly Thai and Vietnamese food in those two cities, for better and worse.

How we roll.
How we roll. Fun fact: I have scored one of the elusive $1 Boltbus tickets in the past – they do exist!

So far, we have more points in the for-worse category, as we’d been counting down to dinner at In the Bowl, which happened to be closed on Wednesdays, so that’s a bummer, and Thursday night’s by-chance, take-out pho chay and vermicelli bun from a shop that didn’t live up to its name (Pho Goodness, boo) were pretty dismal, but hey, we ate what we did on the floor of our hotel room, watching the Canucks win. I’ll stop my complaining, because a) we had a satisfyingly decent dinner at Wedgwood II b) we’re away from home and truly having a blast and c) spent last night eating wood-fired Neapolitan pies, grilled oyster mushroom risotto and vegan antipasto at Pizzeria Prima Strada with dear friends and the wedding party, who are two of the most special people I’ve ever met.

We brought our own refreshment to Hotel Max in Seattle: Mighty-O minis, Prosecco, Earth Balance white cheddar puffs & garlic tahini kale from Whole Foods
Hotel snacks: Mighty-O minis, Prosecco, Earth Balance white cheddar puffs & garlic tahini kale from Whole Foods

Team cat-sitting/ (aka the vegan internet club) is currently full of brunch & Bloody Marys from Mo:Le, and mere hours away from the apple orchard-wedding spectacular.

This was my third visit to this popular brunch spot and I now get what to order: house beans, crispy fresh tortillas and scrambled tofu

This was my third visit to Mo:Le, and much to my relief and surprise, I’ve finally figured out my order: the tomato-y house beans, a side of scrambled tofu with sautéed vegetables, the greasy but great fresh corn tortillas and the even-better spicy Bloody Mary (available in small or double, easily made vegan minus the Worcestershire sauce) with colorful, pickled accompaniments, like shredded purple cabbage and asparagus spears.

Now, while in Vancouver, J. Legume and I took a walk to Whole Foods hoping they’d carry some Edible Flours cupcakes or other  localvegan sweets, but alas, we walked out with some hearty powerseed cookies and well, chips.

Getting into the local spirit.
Getting into the local spirit.

This time two days ago, we popped by Panz for a nice lunch. Go, go seitan and basil. We also had some really enjoyable, super hot, housemade spring rolls. My last and only prior visit was two years ago, and I had found memories, so I was glad to see it was a reasonable walk from our Priceline’d hotel in the West End. If only we had more time for Wild Rice!

Lunch in Vancouver at Panz

When we arrived at our hotel in Seattle (another Priceline bid-now win, Hotel Max, which was lovely), we realized it was next door to the courthouse, where a marriage equality protest happened to be in action. It was a powerful sight, and we’re now one rainbow flag grander. If you had told me three years ago that I’d be over a year into a wonderful relationship with another woman, I just wouldn’t have seen it coming. I think everyone should simply be open-minded  and respectful about love and connections.

Love knows no boundaries.

With that, expect an Isa Does It testing report and long-delayed Austin cocktail round-up (and taco withdrawal)when I return…


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