From the PPK Test Kitchen: Isa Does It Tester Photos

Mission, complete!  Weeknight dinners…all set. No excuses.

61OWX18TbtL._SY300_Testing for Isa Does It, Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s ode to weeknight wonders, has ended, which is sad news for me, but good news for you! This brand spankin’ new book is officially due out October 22, 2013 — so it’s time to share (plus, Isa’s back in Portland for VVC II RIGHT NOW, so there’s no better reminder to finish this post than that). I’ve been one of Isa’s recipe testers for years now, and I never cease to learn so dang much from the experience. In fact, during my first year-ish in Portland,  way back when, I somehow became a tester for Veganomicon, and that experience, paired with access and an immediate, never-ending obsession with the Northwest’s glorious, inspriaional produce, seriously led me to start cooking. All the time. For real.

With that, the photos from my recent testing experience follow, but please, do take note: My (then, brand new but ultimately, stupid Canon S100) camera happened to malfunction repeatedly this past year (as did the replacement!?!), and the majority of these photos are tracked via my Instagram account, @Jdfunks (so, big points for hashtags). Let me add….this is not an apology, I’ve calmed down, but it remains a heads up and honest insistence that I can totally do better. To be continued.

Honestly, I’m a busy person who truly enjoys making a point to cook dinner on a regular basis, and this cookbook just makes sense.

Here’s (semi-embarrassing, but real life!) glimpse of what’s in store, in random order….

Check out the actual book this fall for pretty photos and weeknight dinner ideas


  1. You tested a lot of recipes! I can’t wait to get my hands on that book. That moskarella is calling my name right now.

    I recently discovered Vegan Brunch… I didn’t know it was such a beautiful book.

  2. You really put me to shame. I eat everyday but even NOT being anywhere near “busy” I only make a new dish once or twice a week. Looking forward to adding this to my collection.

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