Submit Your Ideas: The New Portland Vegan 100

Taken this morning while walking downtown.


It’s beyond time to revamp the epic Portland Vegan 100The purpose of the Portland Vegan 100 is to be a handy to-do (well, eat & enjoy) list of our city’s greatest vegan dining options for out-of-towners and dedicated, hungry residents, alike. There have been a whole lot of changes (the riveting, the depressing, the banh mi chays, gyros, even more tacos and pizza, the California vegan chain invasion, etc.) over the past three years, and some really spectacular new options from restaurants, food carts, farmers markets, bakeries and more. There are certainly a few dozen dishes that could easily carry over from 2010’s listing, but wouldn’t it be nice to see a contemporary listing of new and old favorites? Try as I might, I can’t possibly keep up with the ever-growing vegan options in town, and need your help!
This ‘it list’ is an open collaboration of vegan eats suggestions from both locals and visitors to our Portland vegan ‘mecca‘. What comes to mind?

Ask Yourself:

What dish do you find yourself recommending to friends visiting from out-of-town, again and again? What dish do you miss when you’re out-of-town? What food cart  meal is your lunchtime fall-back because it’s just that good? What do you order at your very favorite vegan happy hour?  What dish do you enjoy ordering because you’d seriously never make that at home?  Where do you go & what do you order for an unforgettable date night dinner?   Celebratory meal?  Where’s the Portland vegan brunch must? And, if you’ve visited Portland, what blew you away?

Choose wisely and help make this new list happen! Please add your suggestions right hereGo for as many as you like!

More on the selection process and requirements at that link. Thank You!

Of course, you’ll probably want to keep one favorite to yourself….for now.


  1. Your and J Legume’s abode would be my first choice, for whatever dish you wished to share, especially with strawberry rimmed blue berry pie.

  2. All I want to do is take advantage of your list when it’s done.

    As a non-local, I’m not adding anything to your magical list… but I’m fairly certain that .. tofuffalo from hungry tiger too, and a macnocheeto from homegrown smoker should still be on the PDX list. And portobello. And probably sweetpea donuts. and visiting food fight for any reason at all.

    I think I or someone should probably make one of these for Toronto.

  3. the southern bowl from canteen is often on my mind…. and have you been to Harlow yet??? ohhh my gosh lemon quinoa poppy seed pancakes cashew cream.

  4. I’m excited about this list because honestly, with the exception of Portobello, I’ve never been blown away by the Sizzle Pies and bakeries (RIP though, Dovetail) and Veggie Grills and brunch spots and Homegrown Smokers of Portland. I know, what is wrong with me? I guess I just have humongous expectations for such a vegan-friendly city and really all I want is a really delicious banh mi chay or spicy lemongrass tofu. Get your myriad of tofu scrambles and bowls out of my bowl, Portland! /crotchety

    My preference is Chez Scone and J Legume. And I still love the toffufalo wings because they are unpretentious and delicious, as well as the commodity of vegan bagels everywhere (they are usually Montreal-style in this neck of the woods) with non-dairy options for spreads. And the galangal is really pretty at New Seasons. 🙂

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