…in which I discuss plans for Vegan MoFo VII and the curious month ahead

Away we go: Tis the second morning of MoFo,  and I’m sipping espresso, about to start some miniature tarts, and urging the stout cheddar to ferment just a bit more in another round of recipe testing for an upcoming vegan speakeasy night. 

Vegan MoFo, Day One: Farmers Market Haul

…in which I discuss plans for Vegan MoFo VII and the curious month ahead:


The month ahead is shaping up quite nicely, with those speakeasy night experiments, birthdays (and cakes) for J. Legume and myself, serious travel plans and more VeganMoFo brainstorming than I’ve ever attempted before. In case you’re unfamiliar, VeganMoFo is an annual month of dedicated food writing in which hundreds of bloggers and social media users from around the world attempt to post about vegan food multiple times a week.

I’ve been saving up a summer back-log of recipes, cocktails, travel writing, memorable photos, cookbook experiences, mason jar experiments and dinner ideas for the month ahead, along with contributions to our ‘Month of Memories’ over at Vida Vegan Headquarters with Janessa & Michele, and my roundups for at Vegan MoFo central.

It’s been a productive summer of pickles, curries, vegan cheese-making, salads and farmers market patronage, to say the least.

As it says.

Last year, I jumped on the daily themes bandwagon, and I’m still holding on tight. For 2013, I’ve assembled another slew of rotating, daily themes, while bringing back a couple of my returning favorites (as if I could resist the return of ‘Thai Tuesday’ or whatnot) but my plan for VeganMoFo VII is more about flow. I won’t be committing to certain days of the week, but I can promise three things: (near) Daily updates. Bitters. And cats. Occasionally at the same time.

Coming this MoFo to Get Sconed! > Everything Zelda’s learned about bitters.
Vegan MoFo: Day Two. The VVC mug means dedication. Two more are already cooked & set in the fridge.

More to come.


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