Soirée Prep Monday

Ganache happenings.
Ganache happenings.
Coconut water & espresso dark chocolate ganache tarts, awaiting the caramelized figs
Rustic dwellings.
Pate in progress
Roasted shiitake & shimeji mushrooms with sake, garlic, shallots, ginger & lemongrass for pate.

This is what happens when you stay up til 3am making 75 chocolate ganache (let me clarify: Happy Cup espresso & coconut water), gluten-free, ginger pecan mini tart, wake up and immediately begin pickling, baking another old-fashioned glazed pineapple upsidedown cake, Port Wine cheese & glazed almonds, a duo of stuffed mushroom fillings, and so on, for a friend’s cocktail soiree you’re helping at that very same evening. What i mean is, J. Legume graciously calmed my frantic night-before nerves, ran to the grocery store to buy the dozens of fresh figs for those pesky, hopefully fabulous little tarts, and put a toasted bagel and espresso in front of me before I could begin again (well, after the same-day new dills and another batch of ganache for emergecy tart shells, that is). I’ll report back on the happenings in a few days…after I have room in my fridge once more.


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