The Hashtag MoFo ###

As it says, here’s nearly everything I’ve tagged as #VeganMoFo on my personal Instagram, @jdfunks, so far this month. It’s nice to catch up after a few days of root canal hell. Things I’ve learned during my medicated downtime: I miss the days of dental insurance,  J. Legume is ever so caring and coconut ice cream makes for a nice dinner.

In case you’re curious as to how I did this, the photos are taken via Gramfeed.

Day One: My weekly haul from the Lents International Farmers Market

Day Two: Making Mussaman curry paste from scratch. Recipe from Curry Cuisine

Day Two, continued: Mussaman curry-stuffed mushrooms. I was doing a sampling of with & without salted peanuts for crunch with friends.

Day Three: My go-to vegan brunch in town, the Superhero at Juniors

Day Four: Fronch toast with Upton’s seitan bacon, maple syrup & miso-coconut palm sugar caramelized figs

Day Five: Pickling kohlrabi for Speakeasy night

Day Six: More patient prep for Speakeasy night…New Delhi-style Hot & Sour pickles

Day Seven: Pad Kee Mao lunch, My Thai on Hawthorne (which reminds me to write my recipe down before MoFo is up…)

Day Seven, continued: Wok-fired brussels sprouts with chili, lime & mint at Departure

Day Eight: Finishing up the spiced summer liqueurs [detailed post to come]

Day Nine: The morning of Speakeasy night. Finishing up the 80+ ginger pecan tart shells with espresso-coconut water ganache

Day Ten: a behind-the-scenes of last night’s bourbon & bitters-glazed pineapple upside-down cake slices going out to the crowd 

Day Eleven: Cheddar-Seitan Bacon scones (…cue my toothache telling me these are too hard to eat)

Day Eleven: Impromtu cheese plate for J. Legume & friends. Farewell, pickle surplus.

NOT PICTURED. Day Twelve: Root canal, day one. Nothing to see here, move along.

Day Thirteen: Dinner after root canal horror, continued

Day Fourteen: In which there was a window of productivity with Bake and Destroy’s Pretzeldogs



  1. so many glorious culinary undertakings!!! i love your constant creativity and curiosity! And, I’m very sorry about the root canal trauma. i hope you heal soon, and enjoy your ice cream in the meantime.

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