Photo Essay: Sauvie Island Peach Picking & Consequent Tart

With the Autumn Equinox two mere days away, I suppose I can reasonably let myself look back on this past summer, and share some scenes from one of my fondest, recent memories. This photo essay captures a charming day spend peach picking and doing the picnic/frolic thing on Walton Beach on Sauvie Island.

I have these intentions of berry picking once a summer on the farm-filled island just northwest of Portland, but didn’t get the chance this year. Naturally, once J. Legume started planning a ‘beach day’ (did I just type that?) Sauvie Island popped into conversation as a suggested locale, and there you go. My interest was clear: if fruit picking could happen, I would sit on a damn beach.

The start of the visit: Walton Beach, Sauvie Island

The end of the visit: we picked about a dozen peaches and took home another dozen bruised at a ridiculously low rate for baking.

Peaches beckoning

And beckoning


Summer stone fruit appreciation


Peachy Keen

Here comes the flashback from another Sauvie farm visit and the temptations of U-pick green cabbage

J. Legume peels and shows off her years of experience working at a country fruit store, churning out the fresh peach milkshakes & shortcakes

The moment where you pray the pan will release without any casualties…

Summer Peach Tart: veganized from some internet recipe or another

The last of the summer peaches are on the left, awaiting their coconut palm sugar-simple syrup for liqueur finality.

And plenty more of the bruised peaches went into bourbon for infusion’s sake.

More on my continued, obsessed adventures with summer fruit liqueurs to come before MoFo’s up, fingers crossed.


  1. When asked “how I am”, I usually reply with a brightly stated “Peachy” and then comes, “why is that good” to which I say, ” it is warm and fuzzy”, yours look electric and glowing…that should be fairly as good as warm and fuzzy. Your pics always make me hungry even if I just ate.

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