Jet Lag & Autumn Leaves

Potential new motto: The following selection of photos from the final days of our hiatus and first few days back in Portland is presented without any photo editing or enhancement. So there you go.

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

A few mere days ago, the final strolls through Bangkok

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

This morning in SE Portland

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

It was a surreal return to Portland this week, with brisk air, the plethora of golden and red leaves, warm, gigantic cats and mug after mug of tea to soothe the sore throat I felt develop, gulp by gulp, over the course of 17 hours in the air.  This mix of jet lag and a cold remains, where I sleep a few hours here and there and realize that I’ve watched three episodes of Masterchef Junior US with J. Legume over bowls of grits and tempeh bacon, before the sun has even risen. We departed for our hiatus a few days into autumn, and now we’re back, and I’m already craving snow.

One week earlier in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

Getting out of the apartment and into Portland

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

I’m in no rush to get back into a’s one I need to figure out. Every day, which has been broken up oddly by naps, makes it stranger and stranger to be that much further away from our riveting day by day travels and new experiences.

And from our tuk tuk ride to the Phnom Penh airport

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

A trio of manicures for J. Legume, Chelsea and myself, that final night in Bangkok

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

The past six weeks were spent in serious heat, with sunburns to show for it. I’m slowly catching up on email and reopening google docs, while pondering future projects. First up, practically around the corner, is co-hosting Vida Vegan’s Holiday Hors D’oeuvres & How Tos Class on December 7 in NE Portland, which means it’s time to get well and get cracking on revamping goat cheese spreads, the notion of pumpkin-chanterelle pate and seriously spiced syrups.

Suvarnabhumi Airport, 3am

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

The exhausting morning of our return,staying in from the storm

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

And now I’m reflecting, on my couch, underneath a cat once again. Even under the weather, it’s so dang cozy to be back in our apartment, which feels luxuriously like home, being so warm and considerably well stoked on flour, grains and spices. We have a kitchen!

Making use of my jet lag before my cold truly sunk in

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!I don’t remember much about our first morning back, after a dear friend dropped us off back home. We unpacked a little, hugged our gigantic cats, and after briefly debating passing out or if either of us had the energy to walk down the street to New Seasons, I hobbled into the kitchen, sliced garlic in what felt like slow motion, grabbed some dried chili peppers, and put on some water to boil for the capellini I spotted above the fridge in the pasta jar. I have so much appreciation for my catsitters and dual catsitter/housesitter as it is, but an extra thank you to Janessa for leaving some Gardein  and baby spinach around that I could spoon onto our plates before we crawled into bed. I realize this post has lost any cohesion, which really makes it that much more authentic, because I’m getting flashbacks of the endearing level of exhaustion and hunger we felt after Delta ‘glitched’ our special meal requests for the flights home as I go over this. I have nothing positive to say about our meals on the way there, Asian Vegetarian for me and Vegetarian Non-Dairy for J. Legume, but being that it was at least something to pick at, that we paid substantially for in our ticket price, I had some mildly depressing rage issues about the situation.

One thing I miss: hot bowls of breakfast ramen in Phnom Penh

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

Spending less than $2 on most meals — and such exciting meals, and seeing the price tags on life around it, really makes re-access the spending I do on a near daily basis. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and already, I cook most of our meals as it is.

With only a few days in town, it’s been interesting seeing where both of our thoughts go, homemade meal wise, the missed cravings, reasonable costs and seasonal influence alike, and how our spending and habits can unfold in the future…

More to come on our grand adventures in SE Asia, including nearly every single thing we ate at the Thai Vegetarian Festival, budget travel as a vegan, and what project sparks it’s already inspired. In the meantime, it’s back to projects and the Portland reality. And resting on the couch with season 2 of Grimm.

The continuation of Portland life: toasted red rice milk, soaking

Jet Lag on Get Sconed!

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  1. Sweet friend, welcome home. Transitioning between cultures and climates and diets that are so different is always such a deep shock for me. I feel this especially after my trips to India. And, somehow, I feel the shock more upon returning home. I think that when you land in another place, you expect it to feel unfamiliar. But the odd feeling of home being unfamiliar is something very different. Jet lag hugs to you both.

  2. Glad you adventured your ways back well, minus the cold bug…I try to remember to take air born prior to sharing air with several potential ill fellow flight passengers. Don’t know if it helps anymore than moral support, but isn’t that most of life’s elements. Veterans usually embark on a more patriotic nationalism stand from living in less developed countries. Perspectives get wired differently when you meet people who make in a year what you make in a month or less for income money. Hope you heal quickly and continue to organize your events, etc…heya to J. Lejume always

  3. Bowls of breakfast ramen! That would have been the highlight of my trip if I had gone to Bangkok. Sucks about the lack of airplane meals. I’d be super-duper pissed. Glad y’all made it safely home to Portland. Stay warm with cats!

  4. Welcome home! This post perfectly captures the feeling of trying to get your home sea legs again after a big adventure. I’m sorry to hear about the lack of meals on your way back! That’s a long flight without meals, even if it is mediocre airplane food. The breakfast ramen looks incredible. Definitely worth missing.

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