COOKIE DAY (aka Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Vanilla Giveaway for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, Phew)

Cowgirl Coconut Oatmeal & Chocolate Chocolate English Breakfast Chip (with v. white chocolate chips)

Here’s the gist: Nielsen-Massey sent over a bottle of their certifiably fancypants Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day…..which yes, is today [May 15!]…….which led to a double cookie dough evening in my warm apartment last night. Oh, there was impatient waiting for the sun to go down, sipping of chilled Pinot Grigio, episodes of Continuum, and finally, a few rounds of pleasant late night baking. Come morning, the cookies shockingly didn’t melt to bits on the bike ride to my workspace, which means I’m now sorta celebrating with a cup of coffee + coconut creamer and giving away another bottle of this lovely vanilla via Twitter.

All you have to do (if you’re so inclined to receive a complimentary bottle of vanilla) is share your favorite “surprise” ingredient in chocolate chip cookies. Personally, I always seem to booze my cookies up a little, and contemplated chocolate chip with whiskey & alder smoked salt last night  after brewing English Breakfast tea to go in one batch already  so you can see where I’m going with this.

Maybe you’re all about the cardamom. Or peanut butter. Do tell.

Head down to my Twitter, @getsconed, if you’d like to have a bottle of Nielsen-Massey Vanilla delivered to your own door. Easy peasy.

I’ll pick a favorite tomorrow (May 16).

photo 4
Bourbon: For the love of cocktails and cookies






  1. I was most surprised by enjoying Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies with chili powder and cayenne. Now I can’t get enough of them.

  2. Isa has me loving herbs lately- those rosemary chocolate cookies are bomb. And salt. Salt on top of everything.

  3. So, I’m uber late to the contest party (and really lazy about twitter), but I had to bring up the chocolate chip cookies that Dave’s Killer Bread had in the fall of 2009 with lentils in them that were inexplicably delicious. Am I the only one that ate (6 of) them?

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