(The Best Dang) Biscuit News

Hello. I would simply like to share my new favorite biscuit with you, courtesy of Minimalist Baker: The Best Damn Vegan Biscuits.

Brunch last weekend. True story.


Some notes:

  • I used unsweetened soy milk and apple cider vinegar in lieu of almond milk and lemon juice, cause that’s what I got.
  • Generous with the flour for kneading.
  • Earth Balance, obvs.
  • The new-to-me trick? Placing the rounded biscuits closeby each other on the baking sheet. I never do that. Now I do.
  • And smothered them in more Earth Balance and homemade plum and raspberry jams.

They are my new favorites, like I said. Easy peasy.

Served with roasted potatoes & sliced jalapeno with smoked paprika, Chelsea’s scrambled tofu with kale & tomatoes, green grapes, Earth Balance, cold brew, Secret Aardvark and two types of homemade jam.

No mimosas in sight. 24 hour delay on fresh Bloody Mary action.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “(The Best Dang) Biscuit News

  1. oh my gosh. I want to eat a brunch like this. I haven’t had a biscuit in years. I have some breakfast issues. I love breakfast more than anything else, and I always wake up ready to eat… but Santa Cruz has such lame breakfast options. Perhaps it’s time to host a breakfast party, so I don’t have to cook it all for myself!

  2. I Fucking Love Biscuits. So much. Your brunch looks amazing.

    Now I have to go check out the other post to find out more about this “Placing the rounded biscuits close by each other on the baking sheet. I never do that. Now I do.” as of right this second, I still never do that…

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