By the way.

Back, patted. I’m apparently living in this nonchalant milieu where I let my domain expire for a week, mildly ponder some others in my free moments here and there, and here we are at It’s been fun. This is close enough to a “vanity” domain for me, and I can appreciate the change. I clearly don’t update this blog very much and hey, I’ve made peace with that. Life is busy and I’m rather enjoying my super-charged work life in the first half of 2015, with 3 conferences for 2 two different entities coming up (including a certain vida vegan con the end of May). Sure, I’ve been cooking and living and even dining out and buying nicer whiskeys than I was this time last year, which is remarkable, but my “updates”, if you will, largely lay in glimpses over here.

Look, a photo from October's Portland Nursery Apple Festival. I'm behind.
Look, a photo from October’s Portland Nursery Apple Festival. Bulb season *was* here.

With Spring approaching and my first sighting of kale raab yesterday (Kruger’s, if you’re wondering), I can resurface a bit. I’m not making any promises, but I unearthed my actual camera last night and well, I’m contemplating a new computer purchase. Wowzers.

Bring on the opening season pickles.

Culinary wise, I’ve been obsessed with all things tacos, thanks to my time in Austin (and I’ll be back both in April and May ! !), the world of lentil soups (for the sake of stomachs & lunch budgets), using a big new tub of Korean gochujang, and dove into “Mastering the Art of Chinese Cooking” by Eileen Yin-Fei Loo just last night for some stir fry action inspired by a Taoist monastery outside Hong Kong.

Austin, I dig ya.
Austin, I dig ya.
Stir-fried “Beef” with Baby Broccoli via @jdfunks

Now, the return of weekly farmers market stops means obsessing over gorgeously, fresh seasonal produce, which means seasonal pickles, which brings me to mention an upcoming demo at Northwest Veg’s monthly Portland potluck on Sunday, March 15th. Tah dah! Will there be pickles? Definitely. Will there be homemade vegan cheese? Probably. Will there be Bloody Marys? I’m planning on it. Here’s the listing.

See ya!


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