bits of spring, bits of summer

It struck me on Wednesday, while staring at the date on the calendar, that it was the middle of July, and summer was all around. I’ve followed a routine of garden/work/recreational activity/dinner/sleep[repeat], with a bunch of biking and beer thrown in since returning to Portland on last Friday evening yet again, this time from a near week in NYC. Before that, it was Austin. And before that, Austin, with a little Seattle thrown in, and more Austin. I remain true to my varying degrees of ‘meh’ on all things heat, but I’ll make the exception for an afternoon outside with a good book and sunglasses now and then.

And last but not least, there are trips to farmers markets for anything that’s not kale, lettuce, fresh herbs or summer squash out of my garden.

My kitchen has been relatively quiet, with salads, pasta and bowls for one and leftovers for work.

summer salads, sandy sidewalk

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A return to my garden means a return to salads.

My lunch salads follow the route of garden lettuce, arugula, raw hemp seeds, toasted sunflower seeds, coconut bacon whenever possible, and whatever other crisp veggies (radish, cukes, sugar snap peas, bring it) hanging around.

regularity, new carpet

moved to Meserole

Brooklyn breakfasts.

salad topper: coconut balsamic bacon [recipe origins]

When life (Brooklyn’s Bread Brothers) gives you bagels:

>you allow a break into the mozz. teese stockpile

>pick arugula and serrano peppers from the garden

>your Italian sister shares her sauce tips

>the new oven is ready

= you can suddenly relive the childhood treat that never was

flashback: sudra date

Speaking of, I just reserved a ticket for this 5 course dinner, a collaboration between The Sudra and Harvest at the Bindery.

pizza bagel, portland’ized

My garden was a little bonkers upon my return, and mostly delights.

favorite Portland residents: Zelda and Huxley

Mid-Spring, pre-garden bounty Mexican night

Scrambled tofu & greens, seitan & black beans, chipotle aioli, tortillas, and so on

seitan, black beans, spinach, adapted from Isa Does It

In March, Jules and I enjoyed an all-too-brief weekend getaway to Seattle for curry, brunch, photobooths, Vegfest, and all things in between. One day, we will truly make it to Bellingham and spend a long evening playing pinball and drinking pints of beer with KJ.

Coffee / loves / doughnuts

A week or two later, I was back in Austin with Janessa for pre-VVC work and another Vegfest, and most importantly, friends and tacos (and margaritas, cupcakes, trivia).

smurfy’s charming table setup

Aslan, Jen, Champs


I had a NY list. I hit my NY list.

sharing a dosa lunch spread (her first here!) with Jules in Washington Square Park


’til we meet again. In the meantime, I’ll work and obsess over future travels.

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