Get Social

Let’s get relevant, am I right!?!

Here’s where you can connect with me on the grand internets:

@jdfunks on Instagram…where I now stand behind the three-hashtags-or-less way of life

@getsconed on Twitter…my old buddy

Get Sconed! on Facebook...I deactiviated my personal account nearly a year ago, and it’s been swell!

@JessScone on Pinterest …where I pretty much pin streetfood from SE Asia

I also update the @StumptownVegans and @VeganIronChef Instagram and social media accounts.

Of course, you can always email me directly.

As you can see, I often don’t give a flip about consistency. Do what you want!

You also sure as heck won’t see me cross-posting, but I suppose my existential thoughts on the evolution of social media are for another day…

Don't be shy...have something to share?

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