Holiday Infusing Ideas
Holiday Cocktail Duo: Peppermint Hot Cocoa + Mulled, Spiked Cider
Hot Heirloom Bloody Mary & Infused Vodka Suggestions 
Rather Spicy, Rather Pickled Bloody Mary
Revamped Coffee Liqueur aka Kahlua
DIY Chocolate Liqueur
Spicy Hot Chili, Lime & Sea Salt Syrup
The Perfect Lychee Martini
Pumpkin Tea-Spiced Whiskey
Thoughts on Homemade Bitters
Thoughts on Making Your Own Summer Fruit Liqueurs & a How-To Guide
Orange Watermelon & Jalapeno Mimosas
Coconut Chai Hot Toddy with Vanilla-Infused Whiskey
F*ck Yeah, It’s Fall
Rhubarb & Rangpur Lime Syrup
The Extra Dirty, Extra Dry Rosemary Martini (over at the VVC Cocktail Lounge)

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